Do you ever feel like you want to read better books, listen to more uplifting music, and be more culturally aware in general? You crave substance, but it’s too overwhelming to wade through all the information that bombards you everyday. I feel your pain, and that’s why I will work to bring you the best of the arts to help you live a more inspired, beautiful life that falls in line with your standards.


My readers can look forward to introductions to many different musical genres, highlights of up and coming female artists, information on cultural events, book recommendations, travel tips, and more! The best part is, we at Time to Blossom want to hear from our readers. That means you can, at any time, email me with your personal recommendations and ideas. Together, we can help each other live the fullest lives possible.

Here are a few of MY favorite things:

If you can watch a movie three times in a row, I think that must be your favorite movie.  That movie for me would be Tangled.  From the horse that acts like a dog, the sassy chameleon, and songs like “Mother knows best,” (I may change it to wifey every now and again;) nothing beats this Disney classic, sorry Frozen fans!

The long awaited spring break is coming up ladies, and you’ve got to read my favorite book And Both Were Young by Madeleine L’Engle.  The story follows Flip, a teenage girl stuck in a Swiss boarding school.  She tries to find confidence in what she feels is an awkward stage.  She not only begins to find more confidence, but also a charming boy in the mountains…  A sweet love story unfolds, but it never overshadows Flips personal journey.

I have always had this thing with the 1920’s.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have always loved singing jazz, or maybe it’s the glamorous but sleek designs of the Art Deco period.  Just watch one of my favorite t.v. series Downtown Abbey, and tell me if you don’t drool over all of Lady Mary Crawley’s exquisite gowns.

I am obsessed with Japan.  My husband served his mission there and shares my enthusiasm.  The food is the freshest, healthiest, most delectible food you’ll ever taste.  It is so clean, I’d quite possibly eat off of the sidewalk.  The people are incredibly polite, and the beautiful architecture and wildlife will leave you awestruck.  Plus, they like cute things, and I like cute things, especially cats! Meow!


Cecily Jorgensen-Lifestyle

1133 - Version 2Cecily Jorgensen is the lifestyle expert for the Blossom Team. She graduated Cum Laude from NAU with a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance, and works as a vocal coach and piano instructor. She is crazy about different cultures and is constantly on a quest for new music, books, and tear-jerking movies. Cecily also cooks, obsesses over anything Japanese, and interrupts her husband’s naps by belting show tunes. Although Cecily loves culture and the arts, she finds that taking time away from the world to focus on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what makes life truly beautiful and worth living. Cecily has been the music leader for two years at theTime to Blossom Young Women Conferences.

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