Seasons are changing, and so are our wardrobes! As you work on your closet transition to autumn, we’re working on all things fall fashion. The result – a “Fall Starter Kit” that lists all of the essentials of fall 2018. While you don’t need everything on the list to be caught on trend, let this be your guide as you sort through your closet and the racks at the store. Have fun mixing and matching prints, boots, and scarves as you sip some pumpkin spice. The next time you’re at a pumpkin patch rocking all things fall, don’t forget to share with #itsmytimeto!


Casual Knits & Dark Wash Jeans

photo credit: LivvyLand


Tall Boots & Plaid

photo credit: Extra Petite


Blazers & Turtlenecks


Chunky Sweaters



photo credit: Brooklyn Blonde


Animal Print & Stripes

photo credit: Mrs Casual

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