The jewelry trend everyone will wear this fall is flooding our insta-stories: layered gold necklaces. I love the look, and if you are in the market for some high quality options, MadebyMary offers some of the best. But it’s one thing to see something styled and another to recreate it. Honestly, is anyone else struggling to find the right necklace combination this fall? After some practice and research, I have finally figured it out! My mother always taught me “when you learning something useful, share it!” While she was probably referring to new phone apps, I think it also applies here.


  1. Mix-up the lengths: Pick from an assortment of lengths including chokers and long pendants.
  2. Don’t mix-up the metals: this fall trend is all about gold, but If rose gold is your bread and butter, go for it!
  3. Keep it simple: the best looks are those that look effortless. While it takes way more effort than it looks, do your best to keep it simple. No worries, we’ve got some example pics lined up for you.


Go to Formulas:

  • 14in choker necklace + 18in dainty necklace
  • 16in dainty necklace + 18in chunky necklace + 20in charm necklace
  • 14in choker necklace + 16in dainty necklace + 24in pendant
  • 14in choker necklace + 16in bar necklace + 20in pendant


If you’re layering necklaces, rings, and bracelets, don’t forget to share! #itsmytimeto


Smile cause you’re golden!


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