More Fit for the Kingdom

I am the “health and fitness” writer for this awesome blog. So when I recently heard the word “fit” in two very different settings, the intrigue set in. My ears perked up, and I have been “obsessing” over the connection that these two opposite situations have. The first situation happened when one of my close […]

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The Little Drummer Boy

I’ve never much cared for the song “The Little Drummer Boy,” but this year it has become my favorite. Our home teacher shared with us why it is his favorite, and after listening more closely to the words, it has become one of my favorites as well. In the past, I didn’t like the addition […]

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The Logic of a Child

This month, I gained a new appreciation for children sharing their testimonies during sacrament meeting. I used to think it was all just an annoyance because half the time they all say the same thing. However, this month during our fast and testimony meeting, two children got up and said things that were both hilarious […]

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Remember the True Gift of Christmas

This Christmas season, it’s so easy to get wrapped up (no pun intended) in the business of it all. There can be a mindset that we need to frost a dozen sugar cookies, sing Christmas carols, and decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree before we feel the holiday spirit. I know that as we remember […]

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Remembering Christ at Christmastime

It’s the most wonderful time of the year full of family, gifts, pine trees, and special traditions. Some of my fondest memories are ones of cranking up the volume of our boom box with Christmas tunes while helping Mom decorate the living room with homemade ornaments (you know, the ones you make a school with […]

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