The Saviors hand in our relationships

The older I get, the more reason I see for everything that has happened in my life. It all starts to come together like a beautiful masterpiece. Although the in between can contain chaos, confusion, pain, it is also full of peace, beauty, and love.   Throughout my life I have always seen God’s hand. […]

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The Savior is My Friend

Growing up, I always seemed to be perplexed by a specific, yet popular question: “How do I create and cultivate a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father?” I can’t physically see them, so how am I supposed to create this substantial relationship that will last forever and forever benefit my life? Yes, I […]

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Mothers Who Knew

My life recently changed drastically when my little baby girl was born. I have always wanted to be a mother—I think that’s just naturally ingrained in us women. Since I was a teenager I was always super impressed by the mothers of the stripling warriors: 47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not […]

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How Can I Get Heavenly Help with Dating?

Photo Credit: Benjamin Patch   Heavenly Father cares about what you care about. “Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” Psalm 121:4. He is available for help 24/7. He wants to know about our worries and questions and dating dilemmas.   Sometimes dating can seem to be more of a stress than something we enjoy. […]

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