Obtaining True Self-Esteem

There is a HUGE difference between 3 words the world uses interchangeably… Self-worth Self-esteem Confidence Grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on your comfy slippers, and let’s have a heart-to-heart about these vitally important words. Self-Worth It’s something that is unchangeable. The world believes it goes up and down based on popularity, the amount […]

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Accepting the Challenge

Does anyone else feel like they start The Book of Mormon only to restart it a few months later? I feel like this all the time. It’s like I’ll get through 2nd Nephi and all the sudden I’m back in 1st Nephi for one reason or another. I found myself in this exact situation when […]

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Choosing to be Positive

As I have gotten older, I have started to pay more attention to those I associate with and look up to. Through this, I have quickly realized that when I choose to associate and hang out with friends who are positive about life and uplifting, I tend to feel much happier. I am more productive, I […]

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God Won’t Let You Break

  Anxiety has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As much as I dislike anxiety and wish it would never be a part of my life again, I love anxiety for ONE reason. Recently, a friend of mine told me of a really, really hard trial that she […]

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Forgive Yourself

Perhaps, just maybe, you are like me and get easily frustrated with yourself. I just want to do well and excel in all the areas. After all, perfection is what we’re striving to become, right?! But just maybe… I seem to forget that perfection isn’t meant for this life. I’ve learned that my spirit certainly […]

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