Why Don’t You… This Christmas!

Diana Vreeland made Harper’s Bazaar famous with her “Why Don’t You…” articles that inspired new fashion and lifestyle trends. If she can push the envelope, then so can’t we! Why don’t we bring a Christmas version to life and set some new holiday trends? Or at worst, have some fun trying?   Why don’t you […]

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The Lord Always Provides

At the beginning of December two years ago, my landlord came over and very regretfully told my husband and me that we had to move out because her son had lost his job and he and his family needed move into our picture-perfect guest house. And I was seven months pregnant! We were heartbroken. There […]

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Women’s Conference

Did you watch to the Women’s broadcast for Conference?? If not you are seriously missing out. I know it is a whole week before the rest of General Conference but I like to think of it as extra special time the Lord has set apart to talk to us, his daughters. It’s like we’re his […]

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Choose Happy

My Grandpa Tucker was on of four sons, and as the saying goes – there was John the smart one, Bill the athletic one, Keith the handsome one, and Clyde. My grandpa was Keith. (Clyde is actually the funny one, and he came up with the saying) (from left to right: John, Clyde, Bill, and […]

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Are You There, Pizza? It’s Me, Gabi.

When I was twelve, my favorite album was Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”. There’s a song on it that I love called “Mary Jane”, and it remains my calling card to this day. The lyrics cut me real deep, in particular the part that goes, “I hear you’re losing weight again, Mary Jane. Do you […]

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