Quick Tips: Cap and Gown

“Congratulations” are in order for some of our blossom readers! You’ve worked hard for many years to walk across a stage and accept a diploma. The time is now yours to celebrate this great achievement—graduation! But, planning for graduation day can be quite a rush. From studying for finals to welcoming family and friends, when […]

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Faithful Fashion – Lilacs

A few years ago, I went to Rome where I ate some pizza and enjoyed the art and architecture. Within minutes at the Galleria Borghese, I didn’t know what to make of half of the art because it seemed to reference stories of Roman gods and goddesses. To keep up, I had to learn up! […]

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Styles Avec Amour

What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? Maybe you love the boxes of Sweethearts candy or getting the chance to wear your heart-shaped purse? While I’m sure many things make the list, nothing can top spending time with those you love! Whether you are spending this Valentine’s Day with your best friends or your boyfriend, […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

Happy new year friends and, if you’re like me, happy new budget! After the over spending that’s bound to happen in December from buying gifts for others and let’s be honest those sneaky Black Friday deals for myself, I always crave some from of a spending fast in January. Style doesn’t always have to be […]

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Caught on Trend: 2018!

Thanks to Pintrest, the predicted 2018 fashion trends are in! They are calling it “Fearless Fashion,” and I see why! What has everyone re-pinned to their fashion inspo boards? Here’s the round up as you think about and plan your 2018 wardrobe!   Statement Earrings – Let’s pass on the chunky necklaces and get straight […]

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