Navigating Online School

About a year and a half ago, I switched from on-campus to online school. Since I was moving to Hong Kong, online was the best option for me to keep the credits I’d already completed, and still have the opportunity to continue my education. Online classes are difficult, and if the classes are more of […]

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Witty with Words

I’m sure you’ve got a fresh back-to-school look, but what about a refreshed vocabulary? It never hurts to add new words to your conversational arsenal, especially when you have an updated, polished wardrobe. I’m definitely guilty of using the same, old words, but when my mind meets my fashion, I’m most certainly in my element. […]

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Sunday Night Blues

There is an unfortunate sickness that often plagues my house before the start of the new week – we call it Sunday night blues. Symptoms include: early onset Monday woes, stress about the week, sudden remembrance of unfinished homework, gripping anxiety, tears, and inability to sleep or refusal to go to bed in hopes that […]

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How Do You Spend Your Time?

photo source Many of the things I do in my downtime are a means to “escape reality”. I watch countless episodes of crime investigation shows on Netflix, read books about fantasy and romance, or scroll through Instagram. I do these things to give myself a “break” from life, but in actuality, they cause me more […]

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Easier for Your Brain

“Back-to-school” season is in full swing, and I think it’s time to revive an old post. While you’re shopping for a “first-day” outfit and ordering essentials on Amazon, take a moment to add these habits to your cart!   5 R’s to Make School Easier for Your Brain    Repetition Memorization follows repetition. When we […]

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Be Selective in Your Media

Be selective about what you read, watch and what you listen to. I recently started following a popular group on Instagram. I’d heard nothing but great things and they had 2.7 million followers! At first I was pretty impressed with great pictures, real people and true stories. But then there would be a slightly crude […]

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