New Years Capsule Beauty Collection

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For the new year, I think something that would be fun to do is create your own capsule beauty collection. What do I mean by that? Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? It is where you have a collection of a few essential clothing items that can be expanded with a few seasonal pieces.

So when making a capsule beauty collection, we will do the same thing but with beauty items. This is how we can do it:

Step 1: Declutter

A lot of us have makeup we never use, curling irons that are old, and lotions, skincare, and haircare products that have expired. Start by placing all of your beauty supplies in front of you. Then categorize each thing into one of three piles. #1 The things that you use daily and weekly, #2 the things that you never use, and #3 the things that you use occasionally. Keep pile #1, get rid of pile #2, and go through pile #3 to see what you would like to be you’re “seasonal pieces.” Overall, do your best to get rid of things you can live without.

Step 2: Determine Your Needs

For a capsule wardrobe, there are a list of essential items that should be included in your wardrobe. With a capsule beauty collection, you need to determine the essential items that you think are worth keeping.

I will share a list of things I personally need in mine:


-Face primer

-Foundation (2 shades—one for winter and one for summer (mix when in between))





-Contour palette

-Eyeshadow primer

-Eyeshadow (2 palettes—a neutral and special occasion palette)



-Eyebrow powder

-Lip liner (4 shades—nude, pink, berry, red)

-Lip stick (8 shades—your favorite red, nude, peach, pink, coral, mauve, raspberry, and mulberry)

-Lip gloss

-Makeup brushes




-Eye cream





-Self tanner


-Curling iron


-Root pump

-Texturizing spray

-Deep conditioner

Step 3: Research

This is the most fun part! After you’ve created your list of your essentials, if you are not happy with the products you already have, do your research to find the best of each of these products and create your collection. Go on Pinterest and look for inspiration pictures of the look you want to create. Also, you can watch tutorials of looks you like, and they will share the products they are using. I’ve been doing this over the years and have found some products that are my “tried and true” products that I go back to over and over again. Once you’ve found your “tried and true” products, you won’t need to have piles and piles of lip glosses or perfumes. You can have a collection of the best products for you!

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