​I was so excited when I heard that Al was writing a book. I even wrote it on my calendar and preordered it. I could not wait for it to be in my mailbox. I was maybe a little bit excited. And still am. I loved it.


Al is so real and honest. I loved that. She wasn’t trying to make it look like she had the perfect life- at all. She writes in a way we can all understand.

Part 1 is her story and Part 2 is your story and I LOVED that. Part 2 was just what I needed at the time.

This book (especially part 2) makes you want to try harder and be a better person, because of her testimony is addicting–You want it for yourself. You want to have that relationship that she does with her Father in Heaven.

I just want to share with you a few quotes from the book that really hit me:

“We find what we are looking for. Look for the good.”

“Spiritual Idleness is spiritual suicide.”

“To choose happiness is to choose God, and once you choose God, anything is possible.”

WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: Everyone! Haha, but really. Anyone who is going through a hard time/trial in their life should definitely read it.
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