Stop comparing: to your darling starlet, to the cover of your pet magazine, to yourself five years ago.  Cease staring at your coworker’s stomach to discern any trace of a stomach roll beneath her blouse.  Desist browsing weekly magazines with fresh pictures of celebrity cellulite.

External body validation is excessively volatile.  Build a buttress of impervious, internal confidence. Love your body exactly as it is, at this very instant. Cherish the strength of your legs, the curve of your neck, the grace of your fingers, the soft skin on your upper arms. No one else can tamper with your own admiration.

There is no universal ideal.  One set of proportions does not fit all.  One set of proportions will not even fit a single individual for an entire life.

And I owe yet another bouquet of Thank You’s to Miss Kayla for this treasure:

Day 2 Challenge: avoid comparisons in features and figures, instead appreciate yours and others’ unique individuality.  
CharityMaurerPhotography-41-of-129Guest Post by Reachel Bagley
Reachel Bagley is a fashion consultant from Arizona that specializes in fasion, style, and etiquette. You can find her website here.
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