If you had asked me a few months ago if I thought you should get the beautyblender sponge, I probably would have said no. Thats’s because I had never tried it and had only bad thoughts in my head about makeup sponges. They breed bacteria, eat liquid makeup, and stash oil. Luckily, those sponges that I was thinking of are a thing of the past (I hope). Enter the beautyblender.

“The original beautyblender is a revolutionary makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating absolute complexion perfection. This five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner is ergonomically designed to meet your makeup needs. Beautyblender is the first high definition, neon pink sponge application tool that gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage.” **bonus** The sponge is latex-free, odor-free, and non allergenic.

beauty blender//cleanser

How it works: This sponge is specially designed to use while wet. When you run it through water, the sponge fills with water instead of the makeup you put on it. Ergo, it saves product and provides seamless coverage. The BB cleanser is also a miracle in and of itself.

“Beautyblender blendercleanser is a specially formulated cleanser that keeps the beautyblender clean and free of bacteria so it can last up to four to six months. The nature-inspired lavender-scented blendercleanser is specially formulated to maintain the integrity of your beautyblender and make it last. The blendercleanser and is also the perfect cleanser for your favorite brushes.”

How to use:

1. Get the BB wet. The sponge will double in size when it is wet. run the dry sponge under a stream of water, and pump the sponge with your fist about 15-20 times under the water to make sure to get the whole sponge wet. Turn off the water and squeeze all excess water out of the sponge. I like to place the wet sponge in a paper towel and squeeze it in there too so that there is no excess water. You want the sponge to be wet but not dripping.


2. You can use the BB several ways, but my favorite way is to place foundation with your (clean) fingertips on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Then use the BB to stipple the product into your skin. //stipple: {verb} to apply a product with many light dabs// Do not WIPE the sponge across your face. Dab the product as though you are pushing it into your skin.


3. Repeat the above step with concealer. My favorite new discovery is using powder with the BB! Why didn’t I think of that before? The perfectly contoured edges of the sponge reach each nook and cranny and set all my liquid and cream makeup with the powder I apply on the sponge.


4. Add bronzer, blush, and highlight as normal (you can use the BB for this too if you use creams). Finish your face, and voila! You have perfectly blended makeup


5. To cleanse the BB: place the sponge on the top of the cleanser bottle, and push the dispenser down. Work the soap through the sponge, and lay flat to dry.


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