This weekend I had Stake Conference and I wanted to go to the Saturday night meeting but I had a lot on my plate this weekend, like moving and putting away literally everything I own, finding someone to watch my girls, and fighting sheer exhaustion from said move. But I know there are blessing that come from being where you are suppose to be, so it all worked out; my house was clean, my girls were asleep and supervised, and I got to the meeting five minutes before it started and found a seat in the back. Elder Larry Wilson of the Seventy was visiting and I enjoyed what he shared. During the end of his talk I had a little prompting that I needed to go up and shake his hand after the meeting. This wasn’t too weird to me because my mom is big on going up and shaking the hands of visiting general authorities. So I immediately learned over to my husband and whispered how we should go up after the meeting.

After the amen we quickly made our way to the front through the sea of people going the other direction quickly towards the exit. Elder Wilson was still on the stand, and when we were almost there on the very front row was one of my favorite friends from high school. She had just moved back from the East Coast and had come with her parents who live in my stake. After a quick rush, squeals of delight, and a tight hug we were quickly chatting and picking up where we left of years earlier. I got her number and we made plans to get together. We chatted so long, Elder Wilson was not there anymore.

I left so happy. How did the Lord know? How did He know that what I really had been wanting (but not even praying about) was a friend. And He gave me even better, someone I already know and love and He brought us together. But I would not have even seen her at the meeting if I had not followed the little prompting.

We have to be just a little brave like Nephi not knowing before hand. And be like Elder Rasband who taught in last conference that to be first responders to promptings. To act right away. Not that moving right away will always be something huge like stopping a kid from entering oncoming traffic or meeting the love of your life (though it could be) but the Lord works by small and simple things. The Lord leads and directs our lives when whe are moving. Sometimes He gives us directions to get us going and it isn’t always for the goal that we initially think, but by moving in that direction are perspective changes and we can see or learn what the Lord really wants for us. And what He really wants for us is to be happy.

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