Dear Beautiful-

Do you know you are here on Earth because you have a purpose? A purpose that was created JUST FOR YOU and only you. How cool is that? You have been given 1 body to move you through this life and navigate through your world. That body can do many things. There are 7 billion bodies in this world, and every body is different! Amazing, isn’t it? There is literally, no one like you.

Every single body is beautiful because it was made for a purpose. When finding your purpose, here are some questions you should answer, honestly! What makes you beautiful? No doubt you’re a cutie on the outside, but what are the things that make you TRULY beautiful? What are your values? What are your positive traits? What great things CAN your body do for you and how does your body help you serve others?

To each of you who may have a hard time loving the body you were given, I see you. I know how you look at pictures of others and compare what you have to what they look like. I know how sad or alone you may feel in your struggles. I see you. It’s ok to be sad sometimes. When we start to feel this way, we need to “LOOK UP!” Yoon Hwan Choi said, “Looking up to Jesus Christ—the wise advice of my father—strengthens my faith whenever I face challenges in life. He taught me how to apply the teachings of Christ, as in these words: ‘Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.”(Doctrine & Covenants 6:36) LOOK UP to our Heavenly Father, who so generously gave us these AMAZING bodies, for the purpose of serving others and enjoying life! LOOK UP to Him in gratitude for the things our bodies can do, and not be discouraged in the things they can’t. LOOK UP to Him and show Him that you love this body you were given. He wants you to be happy and have joy. Our bodies can help do that for us. They are amazing blessings.

YOU are an amazing blessing to those around you when you love yourself and know you are beautiful.


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