Acne Triggers and Myths

The rumors surrounding the causes of acne are vast and it makes it hard to decipher between the truth and the myth. I’m here to set the record straight!

1. Soda pop causes acne: MYTH. Although eating poorly can cause skin issues, there is no direct correlation between soda and acne. There IS, however, a correlation between how much water you drink and your skin. Ergo,when you drink more pop, chances are you’re drinking less water and your skin suffers.

2. Your cosmetic products and makeup brushes can cause acne: TRUE. Although these things most likely only exacerbate existing acneic conditions, dirty brushes, old makeup, or products that are routinely placed on acne prone areas can indeed cause certain types of acne. The solution? Be diligent about cleaning and sanitizing, wash your sheets regularly to prevent product buildup, and cleanse your face twice daily.

3. Working out causes acne: MYTH (kind of). The truth is, sweat can cause zits! Coupled with friction, sweat can do real damage to your skin (hello little red bumps on the hairline!) To prevent this, don’t wear a hat or rub your skin with a towel while working out.

4. The air around me can cause acne: TRUE. The air is full of pollutants and oxidizing agents (the nasty little things that age and irritate our skin). The sun, recirculated air in your office building, the greasy aftermath of eating in a fast food restaurant, cigarette smoke…the list goes on! The use of ANTIoxidants (get it?!) will combat the damage coming at us from all angles.

5. Certain foods cause acne: the jury is still out, but this is an example comparable to the soda one. The problem lies when we eat potato chips as a snack instead of carrots and celery. Or we eat fast food everyday instead of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. The choices we make will affect our skin because they affect our body productions.

Some favorite acne products:


Clarisonic (word to the wise: use this like you would a Sonicare toothbrush. Let it do the work for you, there’s no need to press down hard on the brush.) | Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer (fast and easy daily exfoliation) | Clean and Clear Spot Treatment (zaps zits and clears the spots that are left behind) | Body Clear Body Wash (no one wants to discuss body acne but I’ll bite the bullet for all of us. You’re welcome.) | Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser (the charcoal will draw out the toxins and leave your skin super clean) |Neutrogena Pure and Free SPF (naturally sourced, a.k.a. chemical free, sunscreens will be your best friend!)


Other factors that play a role in skin health: hormones, prescription drugs, stress and (I hate to say it) cell phones. Lysol that sucker.

If you’re pregnant, check your ingredients! The only acid safe for use during pregnancy is Lactic acid (that means no salicylic, glycolic, etc.)

Do NOT treat your skin for acne if you just have one or two zits. Your skin will overreact and punish you!

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