Summertime is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean trips to the lake have to end! As you enjoy what remains of the warm weather and reflect on the fabulous summer, what are some of the things you learned? What are some of the things you did? Every summer has a good highlight reel, and we want to hear from our followers!

This summer reminded me that no matter how much the temperature rises, I can have a fantastic time in modest apparel. I found the perfect modest swimwear brand and just have to share! My mother always taught me to share a good thing, and this isn’t just good, it’s great! Here’s why:

RAD Swim offers a variety of styles for all shapes and sizes (literally, they have really cute toddler suits!). No matter your shape or size, you can find a swimsuit that not only suits your body type, but makes you feel comfortable.

Hallie Seascape Floral Tankini

They have perfect patterns: Floral. Stripes. Solids. They have it all.

Zoe Navy & Gold One-Piece

They are comfortable. You can run, dance, and swim without worry. They don’t sag when wet, and give you the comfort and support of a good bathing suit.


While most of their business is online, they just opened a store in Highland, UT. If you make it in, the people are super nice! Rachel, Michelle, and Ari are the best!

So, do tell. What were some of your highlights this summer? As life keeps moving forward, we have to keep a record of the good memories. Good memories make for a lifetime of smiles.

Smiling at you,


Waverly Floral One-Piece

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