These days, we are surrounded technologies that create an environment of reliance on social media. I love the talk by Elder Bednar that where he discusses the positive outcomes that are brought about by “sharing goodness” through social media. However, sometimes it is good to unplug and remember our purpose here on earth: to gain knowledge and prove ourselves worthy to return to live with our Heavenly Father again. Last fall before General Conference, I decided to do a “media fast” for the week before Conference to prepare myself spiritually and mentally for the words and council that would be given. A week may not sound like a very long time, but it really showed me how so much of my social media habits were just that—habit!

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Once I had removed that variable from my daily timetable, I had more time to finish re-reading the previous April’s General Conference addresses and really contemplate the upcoming Conference. As I did these things, I realized that when we double our efforts and make promises to our Heavenly Father, He is required to bless us. During that week I made a special effort to read my scriptures more and try to understand the words of the prophets; I then prayed that I would feel the difference in my life and recognize the blessings that came from my efforts.

phonto (3)I would like to challenge you to do a media fast with me to prepare for next weekend’s General Conference. I love that Easter is the same weekend, and I plan to give extra focus to growing my testimony of the Resurrection as I replace mindless social media use with strengthening my relationship with my Savior.

Here’s a few tips for your social media fast:

If you read your scriptures on your phone (like I do), replace your social media icons with your scriptures icon. That way, each time you automatically go to click on social media you will see your scriptures there instead!

Sign out of all your social media accounts or change your settings so that you don’t receive tempting notifications during your “fast.”

Invite friends and family to do this with you! There is strength in numbers.

Pick a precept or quote from Conference (or even in your own personal studies) and share it on your social media when you get back online. Sharing our testimonies spreads love and reminds us that we can use media positively!

By Courtney Rogers

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