Talking to someone you don’t know for more than ten minutes can be hard if you two don’t click right off the bat. Lucky for you, I’ve been in that situation more times than I can count, and I’ve compiled a list of conversation topics that will keep conversation going…for the most part.

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1. Favorite Dr. Suess books

2. The plot of Hannah Montana (the tv show)

3. Favorite size of pen

4. Leap Day plans

5. Your biggest fears

6. Your smallest fears

7. Why you don’t have any fears

8. Really bad jokes and why they’re awesome

9. Why the word ‘moist’ freaks people out

10. What you think about while you’re zoning out at work

11. Favorite TV shows

12. Favorite movies

13. Favorite bands

14. Favorite songs

15. Get overly excited when you share the same favorites

16. Squeal loudly and make plans to go to a concert together

17. The best selfie angle

18. When you both learned how to tie your shoes

19. Why your mom is the greatest

20. List all of the volunteer work you’ve done in the past year

21. Accidentally slip into a different language and explain where you learned it

22. How much you love High School Musical

23. Justin Bieber’s old hair style, the one with the flip

24. Women’s rights initiatives of the 1920’s

25. Social rules of microwaving food at work

26. How much denim is too much denim

27. Do you think that women with pointy shoes have pointy toes?

28. All of the reasons why Harry Potter is the greatest

29. The worst iPhone app you’ve ever seen

30. Quote funny YouTube videos

31. Describe the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten in great detail

32. Which historical monument would you want renamed after you

33. Get way too excited about a singular sports game

34. Don’t actually make any noise, just move your mouths around and make people around you think they lost their hearing

35. Practice saying the alphabet backwards

36. Start a passionate political conversation about something you don’t really understand

37. Come up with 100 different uses for post-it notes

38. The proper amount of time to wait before clipping your nails again

39. Sock buns and their purpose in society: fashion statements, or just an easier way to do your hair

40. The proper way to consume string cheese

41. Which life hacks work

42. And which life hacks don’t work

43. Just scroll through Pinterest and laugh at things

44. Whether or not roller skating should be added to the Olympics as a summer sport

45. Tell scary ghost stories in really high pitched voices

46. Respond in different accents without acknowledging that’s what you’re doing

47. Obsess about the newest Star Wars movie

48. Tell them you brought two light sabers and would they like to fight?

49. Ask if they would ever let you paint their nails

50. If they say yes, pull out the emergency nail polish you keep with you and paint their nails

51. Alex Boye and his journey to stardom

52. Their favorite WalMart clothing brand

53. Knock knock jokes

54. Recite the Declaration of Independence. If you look it up on your phone, you have to start over

55. Repeat #54 in the voice of Nicholas Cage

56. Speak only in song

57. Come up with a new hairstyle for the both of you

58. Describe the most outlandish dream you’ve ever dreamt

59. If you could meet Oprah, would you?

60. If you could live with Oprah, would you?

61. If you could live like Oprah, would you?

62. Oprah?

63. Social norms of the 1800’s

64. List all of the things you would put in Mary Poppin’s bag

65. Where you both want to be in five years

66. Answer every question with another question

67. See who can do a handstand the longest

68. How many cats is too many cats

69. Converse only in emojis that you type into your phone and show the other person

70. Pretend that Twitter is real life and you can only talk in 140 characters or less

71. Hashtag things that you see out loud #trees #people #sidewalk #cars

72. The first thing you would do if elected President

73. Debate mini muffins VS regular sized muffins

74. What really happens to trees during autumn… other than the actual biological answer about chlorophyll.

75. Go back to the Harry Potter topic because it’s really a good one

76. The best type of headphones (over the head, over the ear, squishy, not squishy, the ones Apple gives you when you buy stuff, etc)

77. Decide who can do the best witch cackle

78. If you lost #77, try it again until you win

79. Explain why the banjo is the best instrument that humans have invented

80. Discuss the importance of dental hygiene

81. Talk about Beyoncé and why she’s amazing

82. Choreograph a music video to one of her songs

83. Practice telephone etiquette and have all your conversations while talking on the phone to each other

84. Which country you would want to visit, take over, and rule for eternity

85. Walk your date through your plans for your first mid-life crisis

86. Explain carefully the importance of the Muppets on American society

87. How much hand sanitizer is too much hand sanitizer

88. Walk your date through your plans for your second mid-life crisis.

89. Practice holding your breath

90. Close your eyes and describe what you want your next birthday party to be like

91. Include a guest list for #90 (make sure your date is on the list, or that could be awkward)

92. Reminisce about old fashion trends from the 1970’s

93. Pick a word and try to use it as many times as possible before they notice what you’re doing

94. Start singing the opening song from Les Mis and see how far you can get through musical from memory

95. Come up with crazy situations you’d need to sing “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” to get out of

96. Say the lyrics to old Taylor Swift songs as though they are your answers to their questions

97. Repeat #96 in a French accent

98. Weigh the pros and cons of chewing Trident gum

99. Back to Harry Potter one more time

100. Take a deep breath

101. Remember that dating isn’t terribly scary 🙂

90851150-7aa6-4784-98ac-f9d48377cbfd Guest Post by Shelley Williams

Shelley Williams is studying Public Relations at Utah Valley University and works in the Publishing Services Department for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is a cat-enthusiast, expert first-dater, and amateur free style rapper.

Instagram: @shellswilliams

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