Sister Joy Jones, General Primary President asks, “How many of us struggle, from time to time, with negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves? I do. It’s an easy trap. Satan is the father of all lies, especially when it comes to misrepresentations about our own divine nature and purpose.” We easily start down the slippery slope of what Elder Uchtdorf categorized as the “My prayers are not answered. My life is not directed. If there is a plan for me it’s a thrift store version. A hand-me-down plan. A pat-on-the-head-just-be-content-with-what-you-have plan.”

Not true.

“Thinking small about ourselves does not serve us well. Instead it holds us back” (Sis. Jones).

This negative self talk heaps on us unnecessary anxiety and unhappiness in our lives, and the worst part is we are the ones holding the shovel piling up the dunghill. So I would like to offer a small suggestion that I have been trying out in my life (speaking as a professional negative shoveler):

For family home evening, we took a drive down the interstate highway, past the outskirts of town where the city lights fade and the stars come out. We pulled off the side of the road, got out of the car, and took some time in the quiet dark looking at the stars. When the stars come out, my problems seem smaller. Looking at the stars lets me look at the handiwork of the Lord without the distractions of the day getting in the way. God took the time to put all the stars in their place, and He took the same time to orchestrate the details in your life. Elder Uchtdorf reminds us, “No, adventures never go smoothly from start to finish, but if you are faithful, you can be assured of a happy ending.” There is peace to be seen and love to be felt in taking time to be with your Heavenly under a starry sky.


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