Mormon Channel Studio recently put out a video of three sisters Melanie, McKenzie, Madelyn. They make up the band, Firefly, and performed their original song “Home of the Brave” on this segment.

video link

In their interview they tell us how they co-wrote “Home of the Brave” in Nashville because they wanted share acts of heroism and service in American history.

While I was waiting for my husband to finish hosting several segments of the show, I walked into the lobby and saw these three beautiful girls chatting and smiling outside of the studio. They were just too vibrant to not approach and find out who they were. (Also, I heard someone call the oldest Mel, which is also my nickname!) They were so kind and gracious. They not only love creating inspiring music, but they love each other. It was so refreshing to see sisters who were enjoying each others company and connecting at a deeper level through music. They are incredible musicians and beautiful human beings with much to offer the world.  We were so busy talking that I didn’t get a picture with Firefly, but I did sneak one with the the host. 

My husband, Alex Melecio, and I.

Not only is this song a perfect way to start out the most patriotic month of the year but you will also love the harmonious blend of voices and strings in their arrangement of “The Lord is My Light.” Click here to watch the segment on the Mormon Channel. 

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