I really lived it up during the month of October and visited too many pumpkin patches to count, ate all the apple cider donuts, and spent as much time as possible outside before winter settles in for a few months. We just moved from Arizona to Utah, and I was in heaven with all the bright colors and fall smells!
The leaves are starting to fall though and we’ve come into a new month — November. I love this month equally, but for different reasons. November is a time for reflection and gratitude and a time to take a deep breath before the holiday rush. I’ve always loved that November doesn’t have anything to do with what’s on our Christmas list, but instead, what we already have around us!
 One thing I’ve been doing lately to keep my focus on gratitude is offering one daily prayer of thanks. During this prayer, I express my gratitude for whatever is in my heart — my health, my family, my friends — and leave the blessing requests for another prayer. This small act reminds me how much I have, and how much the Lord has blessed me already.
I also always do a little “No Sweets November” challenge where I try to limit how much sugar I’m eating (because I tend to overdue it a bit in October, ha!) and this year I’m adding in a clothing fast too. I have more than enough clothes to keep me cute and warm this month, and this small fast helps remind me of that. I also spend less time looking at things I want in stores and online because I know I won’t be buying anything — leaving me more time for more important things.
My challenge to you is to think of what you can do to focus more on what you have rather than what you haven’t this month. Grateful people are happier people, and this month can be so enriching if we allow it to be!
by: Alexis
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