A few years back, I was lamenting with some of my buddies how hard it was to find a good girl. We were single at the time, but we all had an idea of what we hoped to find in our future spouses–we each hoped to meet someone trustworthy, who would share our values and help create a home that fosters love and faith. However, we realized that it is increasingly rare to find girls (and guys) who embrace high morals, especially when most of the romantic relationships portrayed in pop culture are superficial and salacious. What a travesty, I thought, for society to just accept that immorality is the new reality! It was then that I first came up with the idea to write “Where the Good Girls At?”
I took the idea to a few of my friends, including music producer, Justin Tyler. We wanted to write a rap that goes completely opposite of the degrading messages that have become common in popular music. When my buddies heard the concept, they loved the idea and they helped me with some of the witty lines in the song.
We started playing “Where the Good Girls At” at live shows, and it quickly became a crowd favorite. While the song espouses traditional morals, it’s supposed to be more funny than preachy. People responded really well to the message and it always got the audience laughing and dancing along with the music. It was this response that let me know we had to record it.
The next step was producing the music video. I wanted to have fun and make a video that matches the message, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. I thought it would be funny to show various girls ironically doing mischievous things that guys are typically guilty of (lighting a bag of dog doo doo, tossing beverage projectiles, and setting off a smoke bomb at a party).
With a lot of help from my wife, Taryn (who is conveniently a professional videographer), and the aid of our family and friends, we made the music video. It was hard work to plan the shots and put it all together, but we had a blast making it all happen! We finished the final version of the song and released the music video last year.
The response to the video has been outstanding! I have heard positive feedback from hundreds of girls and guys who found the video and reached out to express their appreciation for the song. One young girl from another state wrote to me and said “I just wanted to thank you for writing your song. Dressing modestly and keeping high morals is something that I get harassed about all the time. Thank you.“
I hope young women appreciate their exceptional value. I hope they realize that there are still good guys out there who will respect and cherish them. And I hope this song, “Where the Good Girls At?” makes everyone laugh and dance a little bit while listening to these positive messages.
76e8a5de-76b3-4626-b05e-141f9627ab8cGuest Post by Rick Hale
Rick Hale is a singer/songwriter from Mesa, Arizona with loads of talent. His music is marked by smooth vocals, meaningful lyrics, and a dynamic writing style that spans multiple genres. His latest album, Brightness, stretches the limits of his alternative rock roots through songs infused with Latin flavor and even rap.
Music became Rick’s full-time career only after receiving his finance degree from Arizona State University and then running a paper shredding company for a few years. Since committing to performing and songwriting, he has been aptly dubbed a “stay at home rock star” as he writes music while tending his and his wife’s two-year-old son. Coupled with his wife Taryn, a professional videographer, the duo hascreated several music videos and continues to reach people across the globe.
One of the songs and music videos from Rick’s Brightness album, Descending, has become a rallying cry for substance abuse awareness. The music video waspresented on the lawn of the Arizona State Capitol as a part of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s campaign against drug addiction, and the song also will be featured in the film “Welcome to Where You’ve Always Been.” This topic has become a speaking platform for Rick, and he and his little brother Ryan, an example and proponent of recovery, travel to speak about how substance abuse has impacted their family of eleven.
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