I recently welcomed a new daughter into the world and as I held her for the first time I was deeply changed by the sweetness and purity she brought with her from heaven. In time my mind filled with thoughts of how much I loved her, how beautiful she is, and that she is my greatest joy.  It then occurred to me that over the course of my life I had heard my own mother say these very same words to me, but I had dismissed them because I thought she was partial to me, because she is my mom. However, when I held my baby I knew that not only were the feelings I had toward her truth, but they are exactly how Heavenly Father feels about each one us, as his daughters.  I realized that if they were true when I say them to my daughter, I should let the words my mom has spoken to me in the past be true for me as well. Maybe today as you listen to these three things your mom wants you to know, from an unbiased perspective, you can allow them to be true for you too.

  1. You are loved. Your mom loves you so much. She brought you into this world and has made sacrifices for you to live a good life. She desires the best for you but if you feel your family situation is not ideal, and even if it is, there is someone who loves you even more, our Heavenly Father. He has created worlds without ends and countless creations and yet he knows you by name. He has great plans for you and desires nothing more than for you to return to your Heavenly home. He has given us a way to return, our Savior, Jesus Christ because he loves us. You don’t need to be perfect and there is no trial too great or sin too dreadful that will take away his love for you.
  2. You are beautiful.  I’m not just talking about when you’re dolled up to go to the prom, but every minute of every day  you are beautiful because you are made in God’s image.  There is an inherent softness that comes from being a young woman that the world may try to take away. Today more than ever your femininity and divine nature should be celebrated. Take time to present your best self to the world and keep your appearance clean but try to mix a few Mormon Messages in with the make up tutorials you watch on YouTube.  “The world has enough women who are vain, we need more women who are virtuous.” 
  3. You are her greatest joy. I grew up watching my mom earn her college degree by taking one night class at a time while she raised my siblings and me. I knew graduating was a goal for her and she taught me through her example to set my own goals and work hard to achieve them. I always wanted to teach fashion classes and I’ll never forget how elated I felt the first time I walked on stage to teach my fashion class to hundreds of girls, and yet on the totem pole of life experiences, that moment comes far below the day my sweet daughter was placed in my arms. For this reason, while shooting for the moon and reaching for the stars are great and all, if your greatest wishes reach beyond the universe and into eternity, I think those are the most rewarding goals of all.

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