1. Serve

It’s rarely convenient, but service always goes a long way. The Savior was a perfect example of this. Words are great, but service takes time and effort. Going out of your way to do something for someone else is an incredible way to show him/her you love them.

2. Random Texts/Snapchats 

I have a group chat with my brother and sisters. I think it’s a fun way to laugh about things or keep each other updated daily. If you really want to be in each others life…I have all of their locations on “find my friends.” haha!

3. Mutual Interests.

Find a hobby you can both enjoy together. This is huge! You have so much more to talk about. You can relate to each other and share experiences that will be bonding.

4. Facetime or Skype

It’s amazing what seeing the person can do. Sometimes instead of calling my sister, I Facetime just so I can see what she’s doing and feel like I am physically with her. It’s just a little more intimate than a call.

5. Figure out their love language and show them love how they need it.

Everyone has a preference of how they like to be loved. For some it’s cute notes on their car. For others a yummy treat or a smoothie. Figure out what it is your brother or sister’s love and do it for them! Little acts of kindness (in the way they prefer) will do wonders for your relationship.  

6. Communicate! Help them know what you need from them and ask what they need from you as their sister.

This may sound crazy or like a dramatic question to ask. But when asked at the right time in the right setting, it can really help your relationship. My oldest sister wasn’t a very good listener. Great talker—but not great at listening. In a friendship, a good listener is super important to me. I need to be able to vent to my best friend or tell them stories etc. I realized it was something that I felt wasn’t allowing us to get closer. I simply wouldn’t turn to her if I was going through a hard time. I finally brought it up to her and explained that I felt she didn’t care about my life because she didn’t listen very well. She took it very well and apologized and has been a lot better ever since.

7. If there is any resentment from the past, talk it out.

There was something my sister told me when I was ten that hurt. For some reason I could never forget it, and I feel like it negatively affected our relationship for a lot of years. Obviously she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but she did. I finally brought it up and we talked about it. The funny thing is, she didn’t even remember saying it! I told her the story and told her how much it hurt me as a ten year old. She didn’t say much that day, but a couple days later she looked at me with tears in her eyes and apologized for that day many years ago. That was such a healing experience for me! I’m so glad I brought it up, and it helped us clear up a bad memory for me.

8. Show appreciation. Be grateful and express it to him/her.

Thank you notes and texts make anyone feel good. With siblings, it’s easy to not appreciate them or take them for granted, so make sure gratitude towards them is a habit!

9. Celebrate them! Birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or Christmas. A good card goes a long way.

Sometimes we think that we don’t need to give our brother or sister a present because Mom took care of it. No! Even if it’s something small, the fact that you thought of them and wanted to make them feel special will help them feel your love for them.

10. Trips.

Talk about bonding time! Memories are something that will last an eternity. There is something so magical about spending quality time with your people. You will be able to reminisce and think back on great times. Make time for your people.



I am really grateful for the people I got put with. We have definitely had our ups and downs, but we love each other. I can honestly say my sisters and brother are my best friends. It’s so amazing that Heavenly Father let us come to this world and He sent us in little clusters—a friend group. Your brothers and sisters are here to support you and lift you up. You are a tribe! These are eternal relationships that will teach you and shape you along the journey of life.


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