10 Things to Wear this Summer

Here in the true sunshine state (Arizona), temperatures stubbornly remain in the triple digits and don’t show any sign of pity for the future. It can be so easy to pull on the same cut off shorts and graphic tee uniform day after day, but summertime can be such a fine time to get dressed. Looser schedules allow for an airy, easy wardrobe vibe. Take a peek below at the 10 items to wear this summer. You may be surprised which pieces are hiding in your closet already!

Button Up Shirt: When they’re 100% cotton, this summer staple can be surprisingly breezy.  Pair with a simple skirt or Bermuda shorts and roll the sleeves of your top to give your arms additional breathing room.


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Flowy Dresses: Is there anything better than a one and done outfit? Don’t bother with coordinating a shirt and skirt, just throw on a dress and a simple necklace and you’re good-to- go for a movie date or lunch with friends.


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Boyfriend Jeans: We’ve seen distressed jeans on trend for a few seasons now, but leave the skinny cut in your closet in favor of this unconstrained option.


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Kimono: Adding a third core piece will up the ante of any outfit, but the thought of wearing a knit sweater when it’s approximately a billion degrees makes me want to cry! Enter the kimono. This trendy garment provides all the style without the added heat factor.


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Denim Vest: Another great option of a third piece in the summertime, the denim vest gives any look a slightly rugged vibe.


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Chiffon Maxi: Etheral, flowing, and slightly fancy, but when paired down with a tee shirt and sandals becomes everyday glam.


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Jumper: It’s like a flowery dress, but a jumper allows you the flexibility to ride your bike to the ice cream shop.



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Striped Tee: Printed tees add en element of interest and the classic stripe leans nautical, which is quintessentially summer.


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Slide Sandal: Look for this season’s hottest shoe trend in a single or double strap and pair with all of the above outfits.


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Sunglasses: The perfect accessory for a no makeup Monday, or a no makeup any day. Try any variety of the fun styles available, from cat eyed to mirrored lenses in an inexpensive option and keep a plethora of options to go with every mood.


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