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Listening to the Scriptures

O Only a few weeks into President Nelson’s Book of Mormon challenge, I got behind—like 12 chapters behind. Reading 12 chapters of the Book of Mormon to try and catch up felt incredibly daunting to me. Every time I would sit down to try and catch up, I’d read a chapter, flip forward to where […]

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Mary, Blessed Art Thou Among Women

As I waited in the long line at the grocery store, I looked over to the magazine rack—a place I loathe. I saw “Life Magazine.” On it was a beautifully painted picture of Mary. It simply said, “Mary, blessed art thou among women.” The irony of seeing this beautiful magazine cover next to the other […]

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My 2018 favorite things

photo source  Favorite cooking blogs: food is one of my love languages! I love to try new recipes. Share baked goods. Simmer curry. And eat all the cookies right out of the oven. But trying out recipes I find online can be hit and miss even if the blog always promises “best ever” and “mouth-watering”. […]

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My Favorite Hair-Curling Tips

For years now I have been curling my hair and trying out all kinds of wands, irons, and techniques to achieve pretty, fun, and simple curls. Lately, my favorite curls have been these simple, wavy, beach-like curls. Here are my favorite tips in getting them: Curl your hair when it isn’t so-clean. Hair curls better when […]

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Celebrating with Dashboard Cookies

I consider myself a chocolate chip cookie aficionado. I’ve been baking and delivering cookies to my friends for years. Consequently, I have a much higher standard than the average cookie consumer. I’ll say the batch of cookies I made wasn’t my best, and my friends will say they’re amazing (sorry to toot my own horn). […]

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The Savior is My Friend

Growing up, I always seemed to be perplexed by a specific, yet popular question: “How do I create and cultivate a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father?” I can’t physically see them, so how am I supposed to create this substantial relationship that will last forever and forever benefit my life? Yes, I […]

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Obtaining True Self-Esteem

There is a HUGE difference between 3 words the world uses interchangeably… Self-worth Self-esteem Confidence Grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on your comfy slippers, and let’s have a heart-to-heart about these vitally important words. Self-Worth It’s something that is unchangeable. The world believes it goes up and down based on popularity, the amount […]

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The Capsule Wardrobe

If someone told you that they have a way to make getting dressed take only 5 minutes, would you believe them? And what if they continued to say that you’ll still be stylish while saving money over time? Yeah, I would tell them to shut the front door! Well, don’t shut the door on me, […]

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Accepting the Challenge

Does anyone else feel like they start The Book of Mormon only to restart it a few months later? I feel like this all the time. It’s like I’ll get through 2nd Nephi and all the sudden I’m back in 1st Nephi for one reason or another. I found myself in this exact situation when […]

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